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What to eat to lose weight

This article is not about heavy diets, designed to help you lose 40 lb of weight at once, but about simple rules of healthy nutrition and lifestyle helping you keep your body in shape, lose a few extra pounds of weight gained during the winter, and just start to feel good.

Perfect diet

Properly chosen dietary regimen guarantees not only your good health but also your great spirits. The perfect diet has to be varied and balanced. Besides, there is no need to search for exotic recipes or complex dietary menus – the simpler the food is, the more beneficial it is for your body.

Vegetables and various cereals, which are very good for losing weight, should prevail in your diet. In fact, our body needs a very small amount of meat or fish. Those people who want to lose weight are also allowed to consume pasta but made exclusively from durum wheat: exactly this kind of pasta does not cause any weight gains.

The perfect breakfast is the one that will be quite nourishing and beneficial. We recommend you to start your day with oatmeal. This porridge is full of the most valuable nutrients, and in addition, it contains slow carbohydrates which will ensure a feeling of satiety until lunch time. You can add fresh or candied fruit, milk or honey into your oatmeal porridge, and you can also try to cook it using the famous British recipe: with apples and cinnamon. This kind of porridge will provide your body with the necessary range of vitamins and minor elements ensuring your vitality and helping activate your mental activity.

The perfect dinner includes some soup, a small piece of meat or fish, a large amount of vegetable salad, and any cereal as a side dish.


By the way, porridges are must have for any diet. All speculations about porridges concerning weight gains caused by them are groundless. So, we recommend people who try to exclude them from their menu to reconsider their attitude toward porridges. Many kinds of cereal like, for example, buckwheat or rice, do not contain gluten and are low-calorie, but at the same time, they are a source of vitamins and minor elements necessary for our body. In addition, they facilitate digestion: they help the human body to remove toxins which retain fluid and are deposited in fat.

In addition to buckwheat, oatmeal and unpolished rice are the best cereals for weight loss. However, actually, any cereal, if properly cooked and moderately consumed, is suitable for losing weight.  August TM есть a range of cereals, packed in portion cooking bags facilitating preparation: the cereals do not stick to the saucepan and do not glue together. You can cook them for future use and add to ready soups and salads.

The perfect supper has to be light but nourishing. For supper, we recommend you to have a vegetable salad with a small addition of cooked couscous or wheat grits. Porridge, as an ingredient in a salad, will help you make your dinner more nourishing but prevent you from overeating.

Water balance

To lose a few extra pounds, you have to pay special attention to your water balance. As soon as you teach yourself to drink a lot of water, at the daily rate of 20 ml per 1 kg of your weight, you will be surprised how quickly you lose weight and how much your general condition will improve.

It is good to start the day with a glass of non-carbonated mineral water: it will help you wake up and activate your stomach. 20 minutes after you drank the water, you can have breakfast.

Make it a rule and always take a bottle of water with you to drink a little of it between meals throughout the day. We do not recommend you to drink water or any other drink right after your meals. You’d better separate these two actions in time. In addition, you should always remember that sweet fruit juices, especially with pulp and sugar, are more food than drinks. It is better to consume them at lunch. Moreover, they do not replace water and should not be considered as fluid when the daily water consumption rate is calculated.

Physical activity

It is not necessary to be engaged in some kind of sport, it is enough just to move in any situation when you have such an opportunity. For example, choose to walk up the stairs instead of using the elevator, walk two stops distance on foot instead of using public transport, etc.

To keep up your body in good shape, easy morning warming-up exercises are enough. They can include stretching and squatting to cheer you up and 5 km of walking every day.

If you like swimming, do not deprive yourself of the pleasure to refresh your body in the evening after work and visit the nearest pool. For the weekend, make plans to spend your day with your family or friends in the countryside or riding a bike. Very soon, you will see that such a pleasant pastime will also help you tighten up your muscles and lose extra pounds.