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(RU) Гималайская соль – секрет популярности

Having appeared on the market, pink Himalayan salt has literally put up gourmets in many countries into a flatter, instantly becoming popular all over the world. What is the secret of its popularity? What useful properties does it possess? Why do more and more expensive restaurants prefer it for cooking? We will answer all these questions in this article.

History and origin

The mine at the foot of the Himalayas, located on the border of India and Pakistan, is the most famous Himalayan salt deposit..

It is widely believed that this mine was formed many centuries ago at the junction of the earth plateau due to which the Himalayas emerged. The land subsided at the foot of the mountains, and salt deposits began to form and accumulate in that place.

There is another peculiarity about it – it is still mined by hand, that is the ecological cleanness of the region is maintained. Consequently, brought from the location of its origin, the salt is considered to be an organic product.

Peculiarities and benefits

The Himalayan salt composition itself is unique.

Firstly, it contains only 20% sodium chloride, while the common kitchen salt consists of 90% of this chemical compound. The low sodium chloride content is beneficial for the human body because fluids are not retained and edemas and calcination are prevented. That is why it is recommended to consume Himalayan salt for pregnant women and people experiencing kidney problems

Secondly, pink Himalayan salt itself contains more than 90 mineral compounds and minor elements like iodine, selenium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and other useful nutrients. Its pink color is the result of a large amount of iron in its composition. By replacing the conventional kitchen salt with Himalayan salt, you will take a step toward your health improvement, and you will feel a surge of strength and see how strong and beautiful your hair and nails become.

Due to its composition, Himalayan salt has many beneficial effects like lowering blood pressure, improving memory ability, and brightening up your spirits. People who regularly consume this kind of salt will sleep better feel strong and enthusiastic.

Himalayan salt in culinary art

It is a kind o food product that is mainly used in the culinary art. It has a delicate sweet-salty taste that goes perfectly well with almost any dish, imparting a slightly pungent flavor to it.

In many high-end restaurants, dishes prepared with it are considered to be exquisite. Moreover, some chefs even leave a few pink crystals on the plate as decor to show their customers that the dish is prepared using it.

If you have never tasted this salt, we recommend you not to abandon kitchen salt in your food at once but try and cook one or two dishes with Himalayan salt to get used to the taste.

Using it in your diet, you will not only increase the number of vitamins consumed but also help your body get rid of toxins, lose weight, and start feeling better.

Some more facts about Himalayan salt

Himalayan salt is used not only as food. Similar to the sea salt, it can be used when taking a bath and as a body scrub. Baths with Himalayan salt provide a beneficial effect on the body skin: they help to cleanse it, get rid of toxins, and heal wounds and crevices. Bath vapors enriched with beneficial elements present in Himalayan salt, especially iodine, are another source of vitamins and minerals for your body.

Where to buy

Nowadays, Himalayan salt has become available in almost all countries all over the world. You can buy pink Himalayan salt in almost any supermarket.

For those who have never tasted it, the August-Kiy Company adds a bag of Himalayan salt to each pack of cereals presented in the product line called August TM Gourmet Collection. Therefore, having bought any of the cereals presented in this product line, you can try cooking it with unique Himalayan salt, enhancing the benefits of the dish prepared.