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Available in 400 g packs

Cornstarch – is a white mixture with a slightly yellowish tincture. It has the taste and aroma of corn. Other tastes and aromas may speak for a poor-quality product.

Though it is not as popular as potato starch, corn starch is no less actively used in the food industry and in everyday life. Chefs prefer cornstarch for its capability to dissolve in both cold and hot water. At the same time, it does not lose its beneficial properties.

When dissolved, it has moderate viscosity. It is perfect to be used as a thickener for making puddings, sauces, pie toppings, mousses, and jellies. It will provide an unusual taste to homemade mayonnaise. Biscuits based on the cornstarch will not become dry, and desserts and sauces will be tender. Mind that the starch is opaque but more fluid in the dissolved condition.

Cornstarch is recommended for people who have to build muscle or recover from illnesses. It contains a large amount of vitamin PP (nicotinic acid). The lack of this vitamin in the human body leads to mucosal lesions and increases irritability and fatigue.

August TM offers high-quality cornstarch in 0.4 kg packs.