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Buckwheat flour

Available in 1000 g packs

Buckwheat flour – is another way to process buckwheat, and another opportunity for chefs to diversify meals, taking the beneficial properties of this cereal into account.

Nowadays, buckwheat flour is not as often used as before. However, if you carefully study the dietary products and baby food composition, this variety of flour is almost always included.

Buckwheat flour is gluten-free and it contains the set vitamins and minerals making products baked from it valuable food. Moreover, buckwheat flour is used as a prophylactic agent for various diseases. It is added to boiling water and consumed as broth for food.

The set of useful minerals, vitamins, and amino acids contained in this product are necessary to:

– fight thyroid gland diseases,
– deal with stress,

– fight heart problems,

– improve digestion,

– fight iron deficiency anemia.

Buckwheat flour is perfect for savory pastries, for example, pancakes with mushrooms or salmon or for homemade noodles. It can be combined with wheat or other varieties of flour, as the preparation of flour products from it is the same. Besides, it is recommended for use in milk porridges and mixtures as baby food.

It is also widely used in cosmetology to make face and body beauty masks: it helps to fight sensitive and oily skin issues.

To make perfect high-quality pastry products, it is best to resort to services provided by proven manufacturers. August TM offers high-quality buckwheat flour of the proven quality.