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Stone ground rice flour

Available in 1000 g packs

Rice flour is a product obtained by grinding white polished rice. That is why rice flour is so sharply white.

In Europe, dishes prepared from it are not as common as, for example, in Asia – the region of rice origin. In these regions, it is the basic food, and the most popular Asian dish – rice noodles – is made exactly of it.

Using rice flour, we can cook almost all the same dishes that we usually cook using wheat flour which is more common in our places. The only product for which it is not suitable is bread and other bakery products which need yeast dough to be baked.

It is crucial to include rice flour in your diet as its composition is rich in vitamins and major and minor nutrient elements. First of all, it contains a huge amount of group B vitamins, phosphorus, zinc, selenium, and iron, which produce a beneficial effect on almost all systems of the human body. Rice flour is especially beneficial for people suffering from kidney, thyroid, heart, blood vessels, and digestion problems. It is recommended for those who keep to a gluten-free diet and for children under 1 year of age. Rice flour reduces the human body need for sugar.

This variety of flour is perfect for cooking various sweet dishes like milk porridge, pancakes, pastry, etc. Pastry products made from rice flour usually turn out to have a crispy crust. We also recommend you to carry out an experiment and prepare “tea sweet treats” using the traditional Japanese recipe which includes coconut – the perfect flavor combination.

August TM carefully controls the stone ground rice flour quality and offers you this product for your healthy diet.