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Wheat for germination

Available in 300 g packs

The germinated grain contains several times more beneficial properties than the conventional grain. Therefore, those people who look after their health and keep to various diets try to germinate cereal prior to consumption.

What is the secret of healthy germinated wheat grain? The sprouts contain properties and elements capable to renew and rejuvenate the whole human body. Specific enzymes activate the starch breakdown process and help remove toxins from the body. Among others, growth enzymes help to cleanse the blood and renew cells. Besides, the group B vitamins and magnesium contained in wheat facilitate better work of the cardiovascular system, help the body cope with stress effects and recover from mental and physical stress.

To germinate grain, it is better to choose only high-quality raw materials. Check the grain for impurities and debris before buying. Wheat grains for germination have to be undamaged, uniform in color, and stainless.

It will take you 24 hours to germinate wheat to the necessary length: the sprouts should not exceed 2 to 3 mm. You can consume them raw either as a separate meal or as additives to side dishes, salads, soups, and porridges.

3 tablespoons of germinated wheat contain the daily vitamins intake. Additionally, due to the fact that the grain is whole, germinated wheat allows cleansing the intestine, favorably affecting the condition of the entire digestive system and general health.

August TM offers wheat for germination in 0.3 kg packs.