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Stone ground wheat flour

Available in 1000 g packs

Stone grinding is an ancient way to grind whole wheat grains using a special stone. Our ancestors processed wheat this way. Now, few people use this processing method on an industrial scale. However, this method allows manufacturing the most beneficial and valuable products retaining all the vitamins and nutrients.

Stone ground wheat flour includes not only the ground grain core (endosperm) but also germ and husk particles (bran). Bran is good for cleansing the intestines from impurities and toxins. Enzymes contained in the germinal part of the grain positively affect cells renewing them and making them healthy.

Moreover, husk contains the largest amounts of vitamins and minerals which are completely preserved when grain is ground using this technique. Such flour contains 4 times more minerals, 2.5 times more vitamins, and 20 times more fiber than conventional flour.

You can use the wholegrain flour to cook the same usual dishes: bake bread, cook pancakes, make home-made noodles, and bake muffins and cookies. Bread, baked from this kind of flour, turns out to be very fragrant and tasty.

However, there are some differences or peculiarities in cooking: it will take you more time to knead the dough using this wheat, and you will need more water as the flour absorbs more of it due to bran particles.

Stone ground wheat flour is used in cosmetology as a natural face and body scrub.

August TM offers stone ground wheat flour from verified suppliers and sells it in 1 kg packs.