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Rye for germination

Available in 300 g packs

Rye grains contain 17 amino acids, more than 12 vitamins, and 10 minerals. If you germinate them, the content of beneficial nutrients will significantly increase, and the enzymes, activated during this process, will contribute to nutrient easier digestion.

If you daily consume even a small amount (up to 2 tablespoons) of germinated grains, you will significantly strengthen your immune system, improve all systems functioning, including blood formation, and reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

To germinate rye, wash the cereal thoroughly and pre-soak it for 10 to 12 hours. After that, leave the grains overnight, covering them with wet gauze folded 2 to 3 times. In the morning, the sprouts will be ready as food. We recommend you not to germinate more than you can consume during a day.

Germinated rye grains are soft and pleasant to taste. They can be used as a supplement for salads, soups, porridges, or consumed separately by chewing them thoroughly and washing down with water.

As rye sprouts are often eaten raw without heating them, the initial quality and purity of the grain is crucial. Check the grain for stains and damage. See if the grain is unbroken and its color is even. When you open the pack, no extraneous odors should be present.

August TM offers rye for germination, manufactured using exclusively selected grain and sells it in a 0.3 kg packs.