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Bulgur with pink Himalayan salt


Available in 400 g packs: 2×175 g bulgur + 1×50 g pink Himalayan salt

Bulgur is wheat harvested at a certain ripening stage and processed in a particular way: dried and crushed. Due to crushing, the grains are small and amber-colored. At the same time, the cereal retains all the beneficial nutrients of wheat: vitamins, amino acids, minerals, unsaturated fatty acids, and fiber.

Dishes prepared from this cereal are indicated for use to people with high physical and mental activity and for patients recovering from illness and stress since a large content of group B vitamins favorably affects the nervous system. Fiber improves the digestive system functioning, namely, increases peristalsis and removes toxins. The mineral nutrients complex favorably affects the outer appearance of hair and nails and their general condition. Athletes are among those who often use bulgur in their diet.

The cereal is used to cook side dishes and standalone dishes. In the East, chefs stuff dolma – classic stuffed rolls made from grape leaves – with bulgur porridge.

Bulgur is easy to cook – the cereal does not fall apart when boiled and does not glue together. To enhance the flavor, we recommend frying the cereal in oil and spices in a frying pan prior to cooking, then pour it over with water and boil until cooked.

In the August TM pack containing bulgur, there is also a bag of pink Himalayan salt which is perfectly combined with oriental dishes. Besides, being rich in iron and vitamins, it will help you make dishes with even more beneficial and valuable properties.