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Лого ООО Август-Кий


Available in 400 g packs: 2×175 g couscous + 1×50 g pink Himalayan salt

These are fine bright yellow grits which are most often made of wheat. Couscous came to us from Africa where it has been the basic food for centuries. It is no less popular in the Mediterranean countries as well.

This cereal is not a variety or even a way of wheat processing. The peculiar thing is that it is a radically different way to store cereals.

Wheat is ground to semolina, from which the grains of the desired size are formed using flour, water, and the specialized drying technique. Formerly, in African countries, this process was carried out manually, and it was the very couscous considered to be the most valuable food. Now, because various techniques are utilized, this cereal became more accessible and affordable all over the world.

Due to this cereal processing method – couscous takes a minimum of your time for cooking. However, the side dish, made of it, is very nourishing and rich in vitamins and minerals.

ТThe cereal is traditionally steamed, using dedicated two-level clay utensils, and we can use a steam cooker instead. Vegetables, meat, and spices are placed on the first lever, and couscous is poured onto the second level. However, you can try a more conventional way: pour the cereal over with water in the ration of 1 to 2 (1 glass of cereal for 2 glasses of water), bring the water to a boil and turn it off. In 15 minutes, the porridge will be ready. You do not have to boil couscous.

Having a neutral flavor, the cereal combines well with various dishes, absorbing the aroma of spices and other ingredients with which it is cooked. The August TM pack includes 2 bags of couscous and 1 bag of the Himalayan salt which has a pronounced original salty-sweet taste and aroma – a perfect combination to use while cooking oriental main and side dishes.