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Basmati parboiled rice


Available in 400 g packs: 2×175 g basmati parboiled rice + 1×50 g pink Himalayan salt

Due to its unique properties, basmati rice is considered be the king of rice. A perfect elongated snow-white grain, an original nutty flavor, and a huge amount of nutrients – you get all these benefits in this rice variety.

Moreover, basmati rice is very easy to cook. It does not glue together or fall apart when boiled, and the grains swell almost 3 times in size when cooked. It is perfect for cooking pilaw as it absorbs the aroma from all the ingredients. It also provides a rich flavor to all the dishes cooked from it.

Being the method of processing, parboiling allows retaining 80% of all nutrients in rice, protecting the cereal from mechanical damage, and consequently, extending the product shelf life.

While being cooked, parboiled rice needs a little bit more time. In addition, it is worth remembering that you will need half less dry cereal to receive a regular serving

Basmati rice has multiple beneficial properties among which is its ability to remove toxins and salts from the body, as well as purify the blood and the gastrointestinal tract. Most of all it contains group B vitamins and nicotinic acid which beneficially affects the work of the nervous system and brain. The cereal is gluten free, suitable for diabetics, allergy sufferers, and those who keep to a gluten-free diet.

August TM sells parboiled basmati rice in carton packs which also include a bag of pink Himalayan salt. It is highly appreciated by oriental cuisine admirers for its original flavor, which is imparted to dishes prepared with it. It also makes dishes rich with iron, iodine, and other minerals.