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Camolino rice

Available in 400 g packs: 2×175 g camolino rice + 1×50 g pink Himalayan salt

Egypt is considered to be the home country for camolino rice. Due to the unique processing method, this round grain rice never falls apart when boiled, does not glue together, and is good for almost any dish.

The grains are transparent and pearly. When cooked, they have a special aroma and delicate texture. Using it, you will get excellent desserts and milk porridges. The cereal is also perfect for cooking oriental dishes. It is widely believed that this particular variety is ideal to cook classic rice with vegetables. The best time for cooking is 20 to 25 minutes. To make the dish loose, never stir the cereal while cooking and turn off the fire 2 minutes before it is ready. Cover the pan with the lid and let the rice sit for a bit longer.

Camolino rice is also excellent for cooking Spanish paella and can replace the rice for sushi if necessary.

The cereal does not contain gluten, and therefore, it is considered to be a dietary product suitable for people suffering from allergies. It removes toxins, enriches cells with energy, and nourishes them with vitamins. The rice contains a large volume of minerals, especially calcium.

Packed camolino rice produced and sold by August TM contains a separate bag with pink Himalayan salt which will provide a unique flavor to ready dishes. Among all the known varieties of salt, Himalayan salt contains the smallest amount of sodium chloride, but it is rich in iron and other minerals. The salt is especially beneficial for people with kidney problems and osteochondrosis.