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Buckwheat groats and flax seeds

Available in 350 g packs: 4×70 g buckwheat + 1×70 g flax seeds

In its nutritional value, buckwheat is considered to be one of the most beneficial. The high content of B vitamins, as well as iron, makes it an indispensable product to fight iron deficiency anemia and hypovitaminosis, or to restore strength after illness or stress. Moreover, buckwheat is a dietary product since it does not contain gluten. It efficiently reduces blood sugar levels, so it is recommended for diabetics and is included in various diets as well.

August TM buckwheat in portion cooking bags is the easiest and quickest way to cook buckwheat. Packed in special bags made of perforated film, the cereal will not burn or glue together when cooked.

One cooking bag contains 70 grams of the cereal. Place a bag of buckwheat in a pan filled with 1 liter of water or more. After it is ready, take the bag out of the water, open it along the tear line and pour the contents onto the plate. Add salt, spices, and butter to taste – your side dish is ready.

August TM cardboard packs contain 4 portion cooking bags with buckwheat and one bag with flax seeds. Flax seeds are a beneficial dietary supplement to your diet. It will enrich any dish with vitamins, minerals, and polyunsaturated Omega-3 and Omega-6 acids, necessary for the cardiovascular system.

Flax seeds can be added to ready meals, such as porridges and salads, sour-milk products, as well as consumed separately, washed down with water. For better digestion, flax seed can be ground before consumption, using a blender or a spice mill.