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Лого ООО Август-Кий

Durum wheat groats and flax seeds

Available in 350 g packs: 4×70 g durum wheat grits + 1×70 g flax seeds

Wheat groats are a source of valuable vegetable protein and fiber. Besides, durum wheat contains the smallest amount of gluten and most of all vitamins and minor nutrient elements.

Due to its useful composition, food made from durum wheat cereals will help you strengthen your immune system, slow down aging processes in the body, and positively affect the cardiovascular system.

Wheat porridge can be served as a standalone dish, used as a side dish, or added to soups. It is also suitable for preparing sweet milk porridges for dietary and baby food.

The easiest way of cooking durum wheat groats is to use portion cooking bags manufactured by August TM. Due to the perforated film used in such bags, your porridge will never stick to the pan or glue together during cooking. It will fill the entire bag when ready. After which, you can open the bag along the tear line and easily pour the porridge out onto the plate.

The August TM pack includes 4 cooking portion bags of durum wheat grits and one bag of flax seeds. This is a beneficial functional supplement helping you to enrich your diet with additional amounts of vitamins, minor nutrient elements, and amino acids. Before use, you can grind flax seeds into flour, using a blender or spice mill.