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Parboiled rice and flax seeds

Available in 350 g packs: 4×70 g parboiled rice + 1×70 g flax seeds

Rice has long taken a lead among the side dishes despite the fact that it traditionally originated from Asia.

Parboiled rice is processed in a particular way to allow increasing its shelf life while maintaining the maximum amount of beneficial substances. When processed with steam, rice retains up to 80% of all vitamins and minor nutrient elements stored in it. Moreover, the grains become harder, more resistant to mechanical damage and consequently will not spoil.

Parboiled rice is easy to cook. When cooking, you have to take several peculiarities into account: it needs longer time for cooking, but at the same time, you need less cereal since it swells in size almost twice as much as common rice.

The easiest way to cook porridge for a side dish is to use parboiled rice packed in cooking portion bags manufactured by August TM. It is very easy to cook such rice: you have to take a pan, fill it with 1 liter of water (or more), bring the water to a boil, put a portion bag of the perforated film with parboiled rice inside into the water, and cook it until it is ready. When cooked, the rice is easily poured out of the bag onto a plate. To open a portion bag, use a dedicated tear line on the bag.

Though parboiled rice has a yellowish color in its raw condition, after cooking, it is as white and loose as common rice. Add a lump of butter or a few teaspoons of olive oil to the cooked porridge, and your side dish is ready.

The August TM pack of parboiled rice includes 4 bags of cereal and a bag of flax seeds – a functional supplement allowing you to enrich your meals with vitamins and nutrients. Use flax seeds as a supplement for your dishes or separately.