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Corn groats

August TM offers corn groats of the highest quality, produced from the highest grade corn. Nowadays, such a cereal is subdivided into three basic types:

  • Coarsely ground corn. In general, various flakes are produced from such cereals;
  • Polished corn grits. It looks like grains with rounded sides and can serve as a base for porridges, hominy, cakes, and other side and main dishes;
  • Finely ground corn. Basically, such corn grits are bought to manufacture corn curls.

This variety speaks for itself, meaning that corn grits at a completely affordable price is popular and can be used daily to cook fragrant and delicious dishes.

Corn groats compounds

The Ukrainian company August TM offers corn grits containing a lot of beneficial compounds as follows:

  • Vitamin B complex;
  • Vitamin E;
  • Folic acid;
  • Silicon;
  • Phosphorus;
  • Copper and iron.

In addition, Ukrainian corn groats, produced by August TM, comply with GOST and contain no gluten. So, you can easily and safely introduce the cereal into the baby nutrition and rest assured your baby will not experience any allergic reaction.

Corn groats benefits

The gluten-free corn groats, produced in Ukraine, not only enrich your diet with delicious dishes but also produce a beneficial effect on your body when consumed. After all, corn groats:

  • will remove harmful elements. This will happen due to the beneficial fiber being one of the compounds of the cereal;
  • will favorably affect the body recovery and, at the same time, help to fight obesity due to low caloric value;
  • will improve your emotional state. The vitamin B complex beneficially affects the nervous system, reduces chronic fatigue, normalizes the sleep cycle, and increases muscle tone and general mood;

It is also worth noting that the corn groats consumption will improve your complexion and skin condition, strengthen your teeth and gums, and normalize your nails and hair structure.

The August-Kiy Company invites you to its website where you can get acquainted with the full list of products produced by this manufacturer and find out all the necessary information about them.

Available in 800 g packs