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Лого ООО Август-Кий

Semolina cereal

Available in 700g and 900g packs

Semolina cereal is the main ingredient in the well-known semolina porridge. It is manufactured from the specific high-quality wheat. You can easily tell it from common wheat by the size of grains. The grain can be a minimum of 0.25 and a maximum of 0.75 mm in diameter. The finest semolina cereal is also called wheat flour

What are the kinds of semolina cereal?

In Ukraine, you can buy semolina cereal of the varying degree of particle fineness and shade. According to GOST, semolina cereal can have a white to slightly yellowish color. The cereal can have different markings.

1. The letter T on the pack indicates the cereal is produced of hard varieties of wheat;
2. The letter M stands for soft varieties;
3. The letters MT mean it is manufactured of bath varieties.
Semolina cereal produced by the Ukrainian August-Kiy Company (August TM) strictly conforms to all the quality requirements. The manufacturer’s website provides exhaustive information on it.

What are the benefits of semolina cereal?

• This product contains a vitamin B complex (B6, B1, and B2), vitamins H, E, and PP, as well as such minerals as phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, iron, sulfur, and zinc.
• Low energy value (100 g cooked on water – 80 kcal, on milk – 100 kcal) makes wheat flour an excellent option for the dietary menu and good food to reduce body weight when prepared the proper way of course.
• Semolina cereal contains a very small percentage of fiber (only 0.2%). That is why it is fully digested.
• The cereal is digested in the lower intestine. That is a clear advantage particularly useful in digestive system treatment. The cereal absorbs all toxins like a sponge and cleanses the body.
• Due to the high content of starch, dishes prepared with additions of this product become more nutritious.

What dishes are cooked, using semolina produced by August TM?

Since early childhood, we perfectly remember semolina porridge. It is cooked on milk, cream, or water. Butter and sugar are added to taste when the porridge is ready. When cooked on water, semolina is a low energy food, so, it is suitable for those who want to lose weight or stay fit.

To make tasty semolina porridge, you have to follow simple rules:

• Pour the wheat flour slowly into the boiling liquid.
• Stir constantly during cooking (2 to 3 minutes).

The famous Guryev porridge is cooked using this product. As a component, this cereal is used to cook halusky, thick pancakes, dumplings, puddings. Cutlets or round rissoles, puddings, and soufflé with semolina will taste better. A semolina cake is adored by a large number of people.

Taking all the benefits into account, we recommend you to purchase August TM semolina cereal in Ukraine.