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Pearl barley


Available in 500 and 1000 g packs

Pearl barley is carefully ground barley grain but with the shell preserved. Due to this kind of processing, the cereal cooks faster without losing its beneficial properties, which are many in the pearl barley.

Beneficial properties

Pearl barley porridge is one of the oldest meals. We can even find references about it in the Bible. This cereal contains amino acids that affect collagen production. This means that pearl barley consumption promotes skin rejuvenation and positively affects nails, hair, and skin condition as collagen is very important for their structure.

In addition, ground pearl barley is:
– powerful antioxidant that binds and removes toxins from the body,
– natural antibiotic and antifungal agent,
– pearl barley broth is used as an enveloping agent for stomach ulcers, colitis, and other acute and chronic gastrointestinal tract diseases.

How to cook

There are many ancient recipes which include pearl barley broth as a preventive agent against a variety of diseases. To cook it, pearl barley is boiled for several hours, then it is filtered, and a thick, sticky broth which remains after boiling is consumed.

Pearl barley porridge is a no less popular dish and can be a useful and tasty alternative to threadbare side dishes like pasta, potatoes, or rice. Pearl barley is boiled for about 40 minutes, and salt and butter is added to taste. It goes well with meat and vegetable dishes, fish, and poultry.

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