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Cracked wheat

Available in 800 g packs

Packed wheat groats are convenient for buying and storing, and the product quality will be pleasant to you as soon as you start cooking it.

Cracked wheat benefits

Wheat groats are ground wheat of hard sorts, which is used to prepare side dishes, soups, and fillings for meat baking. It has an advantage of a low glycemic index. Consequently, the porridge is used for proper dietary nutrition. It provides the body with strength and energy and facilitates regular digestion processes.

There are a number of beneficial properties of cracked wheat which are worth knowing:

– coarse grinding indicates that all beneficial minor elements and vitamins are preserved;

– fiber restores lipid metabolism helping to lose excess body weight;

– using it in the diet helps the body to get rid of toxins, takes care of your blood vessels, and helps your skin to look healthy

– vitamin B complex and amino acids improve immune resistance and promote red blood cells formation;

– useful for scalp and hair;

– contributes to normal intestine functioning.

Wheat grits are beneficial, but to strengthen the body’s immune resistance, it is necessary to keep to a balanced diet: consume the porridge combined with vegetables, fruits, meat, or fish.

How to prepare wheat porridge

You will get the most beneficial food when you properly cook it. In that case, the side dish preserves vitamins, minor nutrient elements, and its best flavor.

The preparation process is similar for any cereal consistency, be it liquid or loose. Pour water into a saucepan, add sugar or salt, wait until it boils, pour cereals into it, and stir gently. A little lump of butter will add some extra flavor to the dish. To make the porridge have a tender texture, leave it to sit for another 15 minutes.

The difference for liquid or loose porridge lies in water and cereals proportion: liquid porridge needs 3 parts of water and 1 part of cereal, for loose porridge the proportion is 2 to 1 respectively.

What kind of wheat grits to look for?

The cereal should be in quality packs, and the packaging should indicate the product manufacture date and packing date. Before cooking, it is necessary to pour water in it and rinse properly. To preserve its beneficial properties, we recommend you to pour the cereal into a glass container after opening the hermetic plastic packaging.

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