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Лого ООО Август-Кий

Barley groats

Available in 800 g packs

Barley groats is finely crushed barley. It is not polished. The grains are sorted according to their sizes and marked by numbers: 1, 2, 3. Pealed barley preserves fiber due to carefully processed grains.

Barley groats beneficial properties

Asian countries are the distant homeland of barley. Nowadays, the plant is grown in most eastern countries. Barley grain has been consumed by humanity for almost 11 thousand years. The buyers choose the product because it has a number of advantages:

– Porridge contains minor elements vital for the human body;

– Contains vitamins B, E, A, and minor elements like silicon, zinc, boron, fluorine, calcium, magnesium, iodine, and copper;

– The cereal contains protein beneficial for people leading a healthy lifestyle, and it is fully absorbed in contrast to the animal protein;

– Barley positively affects the body, cleanses it from toxins, and has hypoallergenic properties;

– Scientists proved that barley produces an antifungal agent when soaked for some time;

– Folk medicine uses barley to provide an enveloping effect for the digestive tract;

The product has high energy content. Consequently, you have a little of a side dish, but you get a full vitamin complex and a large amount of energy. 100 g of the product contains 324 calories.

How to cook porridge

The August-Kiy Company thoroughly selects, grinds, and sorts the cereal, carefully preserving its natural properties. Every member of the family will like delicate and tasty, and what is most important, beneficial porridge. The cereal is used for both healthy dietary eating and in children’s menus. Pealed barley price is also important for the family budget: the cereal is beneficial and its price is low enough.

You can buy barley, using this website and enjoy healthy and delicious porridge. It is a frequent meal on the tables of Ukrainian buyers.