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Лого ООО Август-Кий

Short-grain rice

Available in 500 and 1000 g packs

This is one of the rice varieties which has a round shape and is ideal for porridges, soups, and sushi.

Having plenty of beneficial properties and being a dietary product, it requires a little more attention when cooked.

Due to its neutral flavor, it absorbs aromas and flavors released by ingredients it is cooked with. That is why it is ideal for risotto and pilaw. The main rule of cooking: cook on low heat and do not stir, otherwise the dish will become sticky because the grains will glue together.

Because the grains fall apart when boiled, the rice is often used for milk porridges in dietary and baby food.

If you are going to buy short-grain rice, you should pay special attention to its outer appearance. Ideally, the grain should be white, transparent, without cracks. A yellowish color indicates that the product was inappropriately stored, and that fact can affect its flavor. To verify and choose high-quality cereal, we advise you to purchase rice in transparent packs.

August TM produces short-grain rice in transparent packs of different volume. All grain is thoroughly tested to comply with GOST quality requirements.