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Лого ООО Август-Кий

Parboiled rice

Available in 500 and 1000 g packs.

When rice is processed with steam, its structure is protected against damage, and consequently, it has a longer shelf life. At the same time, this processing technique allows preserving up to 80% of nutrients in the process of cooking.

Parboiled rice grains do not fall apart or stick together when boiled. However, it is necessary to take into account that the grain consistency in its cooked state may be more solid.

The rice is easily digested, and due to the available vitamin-mineral complex, it produces a favorable effect on the skin, hair, nails, and general body condition. The product increases your working capacity and improves your mood. It also helps you reduce the stress impact. A large number of amino acids contained in the rice make it an essential product in the daily diet. It does not contain gluten. Hence, it is suitable for those who keep to a diet and takes the product glycemic index into account. The parboiled rice does not cause any allergies.

In appearance, the grains are transparent of yellow-amber tint. But when cooked, they become almost snow-white and do not differ much from the grains of common varieties of rice. Parboiled rice needs to be boiled for 15 minutes longer than the common varieties. When preparing dishes, it is necessary to take into account that it swells slightly more than common rice grains. So, it would be best to take a smaller amount of it.

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