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Available in 1000 and 5000 g packs

Sugar is a source of energy and nutrition for our brain cells.

It is mistakenly perceived as a very high-caloric product. Actually, 100 grams of granulated sugar contains 398 kilocalories, which is just a bit more than in any porridge.

However, it should be consumed with caution, as it is an easily digestible carbohydrate and quickly provides its energy to the body. Moreover, after a while, it can evoke food cravings. Right because of these jumps in satiety and hunger, uncontrolled sugar consumption may lead to excessive food intakes and to obesity.

Sugar is a natural preservative. Therefore, it is used to extend the shelf life of the following products: fruits, vegetables, and berries canned or grated.

In Ukraine, granulated sugar is manufactured from sugar beets. These white transparent crystals are easily soluble in water.

Sugar should be stored properly, observing humidity and temperature conditions. Otherwise, it may turn yellow or stick together.