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Wheat flour

Available in 1000g, 2000g , 3000g, 5000g packs

Wheat flour is a finely ground wheat grain.

Wheat flour is a finely ground wheat grain.

There are several varieties which depend on the processing quality. Top-grade flour is obtained due to the finest grinding of the grain core. It is pure white or slightly creamy. Using it, we can bake the most exquisite and fluffy pastries like muffins, biscuits, etc..

Nowadays, it is a must-have product in any kitchen. Most often, it is used to bake and make bakery products, but it is also used as a supplement or thickener to prepare various sauces, gravy, and omelets.

Wheat flour of the highest grade is most often used for homemade pastries like pancakes, dumplings, and pies.

Due to fine grinding, the gluten content in it is reduced while a set of vitamins and minerals peculiar to wheat is preserved. Group B vitamins take a lead among all vitamins contained in the wheat, and sodium, potassium, magnesium, and zinc are the most abundant elements in it.

It is important to store wheat flour properly: in a dark, dry, and cool place. August TM offers the highest-grade wheat flour, packed in compliance with all storage standards, guaranteeing quality and beneficial properties preservation.