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Pasta Galletti

Available in 400 g packs

This pasta has a shape that resembles a rooster comb. This pasta is no different in flavor from other products made from durum wheat sold by August TM. However, Italians are very strict in choosing a particular shape suitable for this or that dish or pasta sauce.

Pasta Galletti is commonly used as a side dish with tomato sauces and stewed vegetables. It can also be served with cheese, butter, and herbs. It is good to consume both hot and cold pasta, adding it to fresh salads. There is also a specific technique used to serve dishes prepared with pasta of this shape – sauces and supplements are placed in the center of the plate while pasta is scattered around on the edge

Pasta manufactured from durum wheat is yellow due to the increased carotene content. Low fat is another peculiarity of this kind of pasta. According to traditional Italian recipes, only olive oil is used when dough pasta is prepared. It does not contain eggs, so, it is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Pasta is actually slow carbohydrates providing a long satiety feeling.

Pasta Galletti manufactured by August TM is made in Transcarpathia from imported high-quality durum wheat flour using crystal clear water. The pasta is sold in transparent 400 g packs. It does not fall apart when boiled or glue together during cooking. Cooking time is 8 to 10 minutes.