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Pasta Scialatielli

Available in 400 g packs

Despite the fact that we often use the name noodles to describe any pasta dishes, we are now talking about a certain shape of pasta: thin and flat strips of about 0.5 cm wide and up to 2.5 cm long.

August TM offers its customers pasta scialatielli manufactured of durum wheat which is grown in ecologically clean areas in Transcarpathia. The dough is kneaded using crystal clear water sticking to traditional Italian recipes.

Pasta manufactured from this kind of flour never falls apart and does not glue together when boiled. Due to the increased carotene content, flat noodles are yellow, and its low content of fat allows even those who fight excess weight to consume pasta made of durum wheat. Flat noodles provide adequate nutrition, enriching any diet with vitamins and minerals contained in wheat.

Pasta scialatielli are traditionally used as a side dish, buttered, salted, and seasoned with spices. This kind of pasta is perfectly suitable for soups. It can be combined with raw vegetables and meat, as well as grilled vegetables. In Italy, flat noodles are traditionally seasoned with thick creamy sauce or ketchup and consumed hot.

August TM offers pasta scialatielli made of durum wheat in transparent 400 g packs.